States of Guernsey Public Services Department
Application for the disposal of a vehicle
IMPORTANT: Please read the Terms and Conditions below carefully before sending this form. Failure to comply with the Terms and Conditions could result in your vehicle not being collected and a £30.00 charge.
1. Applications should be completed by the registered keeper of the vehicle.
2. Vehicles weighing under 2 tonnes (40cwt) may be either delivered to the scrapyard by the applicant or collected (a charge applies for collection). Vehicles weighing over 2 tonnes have to be delivered to the scrapyard.
3. To the extent permitted by law, the States excludes all liability for any loss, costs or liability howsoever arising.
4. A fixed charge applies for the collection of a vehicle. Click the link to go to the main Bulk Refuse page if you want to check the current charge, go to
5. All items which are not part of the vehicle must be removed from the vehicle prior to collection.
6. All vehicles must be left unlocked for inspection (including the boot).
7. Where a vehicle is not accessible; is not ready for removal; is not at the address provided; or contains additional rubbish, then the collection journey will be considered to have been wasted. The vehicle will not be collected and the collection charge will be forfeit.
8. If your application to deliver your vehicle is approved, you will be sent a letter to confirm this. You will need to provide this letter to staff at Guernsey Recycling (the scrapyard) when delivering the vehicle.
9. When delivering a vehicle, Guernsey Recycling will charge applicants directly for any vehicle containing additional rubbish, i.e. any items which are not part of the vehicle.

Section 1: Applicant Details

Section 2: Vehicle Details

Section 3: Collection or Delivery Details